Why You Should List with King Realty Group

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Why you should list with King Realty

Why You Should List with King Realty Group

You have lots of choices for Real Estate companies, so why choose us? The answer is simple - because you want the most amount of money for your property in the shortest period of time. King Realty Group is different from other firms, and we're proud of those differences. Our agents/brokers are better trained, we offer have hands-on expertise from management, and a team of seasoned pros for support, a better marketing program, we know how to make the most out of each property, and most importantly we do what's best for you, not us. And on top of everything else our rates are better, too.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of using King Realty to sell your home, condo, loft TIC, or investment property:

  • Team Approach: Normally when you hire an agent you only get that agent working for you, regardless of how big the company they work for. If they’re busy and someone needs to see your property, most likely that buyer will have to wait. And when you make them wait, they often don’t come back. With KRG’s team approach to Real Estate, an experienced pro who knows your property inside and out is always available. That means every show request gets granted and every potential buyer gets a detailed and informed presentation, making the sale of your property more likely to happen and more likely to happen faster.
  • Superior Negotiation/Experience/Skillset: With KRG's team being led by an Owner/Broker with over 30 years experience in sales, negotiations, and marketing, 15 years in Real Estate, a founder of three successful companies, an extensive background in construction, and who is hands-on with every client, you get an unparalleled skillset handling your sale from beginning to end.
  • Professional Marketing Campaign: Too often you see a "marketing program" that consists of unprofessional fliers, bad photos or no photos, and slow response times. KRG has one of the most extensive marketing campaigns available, with professionally designed marketing materials, website, and photos, and our clients are always pleasantly surprised at how quickly we respond.
  • Reputation: Reputation matters - a little known secret is that agents will often turn their buyers away from listings represented by agents they know play games, withhold vital information, don’t know what they’re doing, or knowingly misrepresent properties. Other agents and brokers know us and respect us, so when they see a KRG Listing they know they can expect professionalism and integrity every step of the way. This helps bring offers and in less time.
  • Better Rates: On top of everything else, we have better rates, too. Rates vary depending on property type - call today for details.

We don't want to give away all the secrets to our success, so contact us today or fill out the free valuation form above for a no-strings consult to find out all the other things we can do to maximize the return on your real estate investment dollar. I promise you two things:

1.If you talk to us you will not want to hire anyone else.

2.When we’re done you will be thrilled with the results.

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