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Selling Condos with King Realty

We represent lots of sellers (and buyers) of condos. In order for your condo to be best represented, you need representation from thos who know this type of property and know how best to present it to the public as well as make sure all dislosure items are addressed so buyers don't come back to you later.

Many condos have hundreds of pages of documents, and the sad truth is many agents/brokers don't even read them, leaving it up to the buyer agent to ferret out issues. This is a huge mistake, because knowing the rules and any potential issues allow us to address them in our marketing plan to make sure that offers come in the first place, and more importantly, they don't fall apart because the buyer was uninformed.

Here are some of the issues your representative needs to know:

  • CC&Rs: what are the rules of the condo project
  • Rent Control: is the property under rent control or not? This is an issue because many buyers intend to rent out their unit at some point so this affects value
  • Reserves: how much money is in the till for upcoming repairs, whether expected or not also affects perception of value
  • Lending: is there something about the project that makes it harder to get loans, such as commercial space or a high percentage of renters? We'll figure this all out before going to market and have a lender who will loan on the project to refer buyers to. 
  • Amenities: the type and number of amenities also affects value, and knowing what the building has to offer can make the difference between selling and not. You'd be surprised how many agents don't know this information

Whether selling (or buying) a condo, single family home, loft, TIC, or investment property, we will make sure that the process is as seamless and stress free as possible, you are fully informed about what you are buying so there are no surprises later, and will negotiate the best price possible. And you’ll keep more money because even our rates are better.

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